Symphytum caucasicum x S. orientale (Boraginaceae) in East Norfolk and Isle of Wight


  • Bob Leaney



segregate, Symphytum x uplandicum, Symphytum x norvicense, hybrid


A hybrid between Symphytum caucasicum and Symphytum orientale is described from two sites in Norfolk, and one on the Isle of Wight. The taxon seems to be a new one, certainly for the British Isles and Ireland, and is similar to two previously described hybrids from Norfolk, Symphytum x norvicense (S. asperum x orientale) and Symphytum x uplandicum x caucasicum. Separation of these three taxa is discussed: all three are characterised by a combination of variegated red, blue, purple or white corolla bell, together with a calyx dissection to less than half way. This shallowly dissected calyx is the key to recognition of these three entities, which otherwise are easily overlooked as diminutive forms of Symphytum x uplandicum